IT Outsourcing Solutions for Every Business

If you call the local deli to bring in lunch, or a service tech to repair your photocopier, you’re engaging in the act of outsourcing: obtaining a product or service you need from outside of your business. As a business owner, the most effective and efficient answer to your computer system problems comes in the form of IT outsourcing solutions. By hiring the services of a reputable company for the computer support solutions you need, you’re ensuring that your files, servers and hard drives stay safe and secure.

So why outsource your IT services?

  • Increased productivity. When your computer goes down, you lose precious man hours waiting for someone with tech skills to fix it. If your server goes down, you could lose an entire day. With outsourced monitoring, service delays can be kept to a minimum. You’re choosing to have your system monitored constantly, applying patches and running virus scans on your hard drive and server. Companies offering professional computer solutions have already solved the problems you may have just learned about, and can fix them quickly – perhaps even help you avoid them completely.
  • Save money. Small and medium sized businesses often lack the financial resources for a full-time IT department. Outsourcing your IT needs is far less expensive than hiring an employee. More importantly, an outside company offers 24 hours of IT support, creating solutions for problems that arise before or after business hours.
  • Specialist access. Sometimes, even the most well-protected servers and systems have issues. When your computer system is compromised, you’ll need the help of an IT specialist – a costly expense if you don’t have one on staff. Access to specialists is one of many computer support solutions that an outside company can offer. In the event of a serious problem, you’ll be in contact with a trained specialist.

Computer Support Solutions Designed to Keep You Safe

If you’re still wondering why you should outsource your IT services, think about virus protection. Most virus protection packages are equipped to handle basic viruses and bugs – but when your data contain personal and sensitive information about payroll, personnel or intellectual property, an over the counter anti-virus and anti-malware program may not be enough. By outsourcing your IT needs, you’re ensuring that you have the most up-to-date and most secure virus protection available. Most outside companies offer round-the-clock system monitoring, adding an additional layer of protection.

Even if you already have an onsite IT department, hiring the services of an outside company is beneficial. They can offer IT outsourcing solutions as a second tier of protection for your business, providing additional support when necessary for a fraction of the cost.

The better computer support solutions come from reputable companies, not necessarily large ones. It’s important to choose a company that can handle the level of services or bandwidth you need. A reputable company will create professional computer solutions that fit your needs, not theirs. Depending on the size of your company, you may find that an outside service is all you need to keep your computers safe.