Internet Security & Virus Protection

Do you have a network firewall?
Is your network / computer protected from viruses?
Does your computer have a virus?

If you browse the Internet and receive emails you are at risk. It is extremely important for every computer to have virus and spyware protection in order to operate reliably.

CNK Technical Solutions experienced technicians will quickly bring your office or home computers back to the healthy status. We will assist you in both prevention and removal of the latest viruses, malware and spyware. If you don’t currently have virus protection in your workplace, we can find the right software for you and setup automatic scanning and updating routines.  If you suspect your PC already has a virus, we have also had much experience in the detection and removal of an existing virus.

CNK Technical Solutions virus protection services include: 

  • Virus Removal & Repair
  • Blue screen Data Recovery
  • Windows Virus Prevention and Recovery
  • Data Recovery
  • Spyware Removal

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